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15. U.U.M Accident

On September 5, 2005, an overloaded U.U.M bus was overturned and plunged into a river after a passenger apparently fell onto the steering wheel. 5 people were seriously injured and admitted to the hospital, while other 47 other passengers were given outpatient treatment. The bus was carrying about about 20 more passengers than the legal maximum capacity allowed. The bus driver allegedly fled the scene after treatment. At the place of the accident, a reporter from The Star Newspaper caught a strange photo. If you enlarge the photo, you can clearly see a creature, demon, or ghost of some sort. The creature is located to the left in the grassy area under the bridge. It appears very large, grey, and it has huge eyes. Many people that are common to the area of Kedah, Malaysia believe in creatures that appear only during times of tragedy, or accidents. Many of these creatures are also said to be the cause of such things. However, none of the passengers claimed to have seen a giant demon that helped to tip the bus.

14. Haunted Snapchat

This young Irish woman was rather shocked when her friends noticed a ghostly visitor with her in the background of one of her Snapchats. The young girl was taking photos with her nephew and sister, when reviewing them they foundThe young girl, Bethany Harvey, was taking photos with her nephew while her sister photobombed them. If you look closely between the baby and Bethany, you can see what appears to be a girl in a purple dress with her hands in her lap. Harvey claims that she was alone in the house with her sister and her nephew when she took the photo, and that they took it facing the living room door. Although nothing out of the ordinary happened the night when she took the picture, Harvey says she has had strange things happen in the living room before, and now refuses to go in there at night.

13. Birthday Visitor

This is the photo of a young girl on her birthday, taken by her dad. Once this photo got around, her father claimed that she was an only child and the photo was taken the morning before guests began showing up for her party. If you take a look at the doorway on the left side, though, you can see what may be a child with some sort of face paint running into the shot. Although this figure looks alive and real, the father claims that there was no one else there and that the figure was not in any of the other shots. A close up of the photo, with added brightness reveals a bit more detail of the face of the figure. It appears pure white and very angry. Terrifying clown makeup for a child’s birthday? Or an angry spirit sprinting towards the birthday girl? Honestly, either one is scary as hell.

12. Fire Mother

These two photos were taken back to back however it’s not known which was taken first. A man claims that the photos were taken by a friend. At the time, roughly 2005, he and his friend were working at a place a few blocks from this house. The house was one that was abandoned by a couple and eventually became very rundown. The Fire Department of their town decided to have a controlled fire. The day that they did this, the friend took her digital camera and went to watch. She took these two photos and was surprised to see what she caught. The woman and baby seem to be looking in the direction of the firemen who were across the street. And if you look very closely, it appears as though a part of the woman's elbow is see-through. It’s claimed that these two were not on the scene, plus it’s common sense that firemen would not allow a woman and her baby that close to a fire.

11. Ghost Knight

This photo was taken by a father named Richard Jones, while on a short trip with his family. Jones noticed the ghostly figures in the background when he snapped his five-year-old niece Amy at Tamworth Castle Grounds in Staffordshire. Originally he didn’t notice anything strange about the photo as it was bright daylight. In the back of the picture it appears like there are two figures that appear very grey, despite everything else being very colorful. It’s claimed that the two figures are wearing chainmail and holding white shields. Which makes sense to Jones because he claimed to have been only a few blocks from the main castle. Only about 20 yards to the right, another person in the park is walking by in a red top, this is apparently the only other person they saw at the time they took the photo. Furthermore, the figures are not in the other photos take right after and right before this.

10. TV Ghost

This photo comes with a story from a grandmother named Donna. Donna reports that this is her grandson, taken one morning before he got dressed for school. According to her, the big screen tv in the background was broken and didn’t even turn on anymore. It was only there as a placeholder until they could get a new one. Even though the TV was broken and obviously therefore turned off, there appears to be a still of a man leaning over a cars back seat. Looking almost directly at her grandson. To further the creepiness of her story, Donna reports that her daughter bought the home a few years before the photo was taken. And right after moving in her grandson refused to sleep in his room because there was a man in there at night who was not nice to him. To which she told her grandson to tell the man he was not welcome and to go away. Donna also apparently asked her daughter about the haunting and she claimed that the TV photo seems to be from the inside of her car, but that she did not know the man. Donna also says that if you look closely at the upper right corner of the tv screen you can see another ghostly figure walking out of fire.

9. Hidden Head

There have been many claims related to this photo. One anonymous person claims that this is a photo of her husband and the head was not present before, and was also not visible in the other photos that followed this one. Another woman claims that this photo was taken in the home where her husband’s mother shot herself. She claimed that after her mother in laws death they found letters explaining that she had seen the devil, and this was either her ghost or the ghost of someone else who died in the home. However, a team of paranormal investigators claim that the head is too solid, and detailed to be that of a ghost. That only leaves the possibility of it being some sort of prop, or someone from under the couch playing a prank. Either way it’s a very creepy head as it seems to have a huge smile sprawled across it’s face.

8. Child Visitor

The story of this photo is actually rather popular. The young child in the bottom right corner began crying and refused to take a photo with the group because she claimed the little boy was scaring her and wasn’t nice. Her mother didn’t think much of her random tantrum as she was the only child there, and took the photos regardless. After looking through the photos later she found the face of a ghostly child between the second and third girls’ legs. This child was not found in any of the other shots taken. They claim to have never had any hauntings in the home where the photo was taken.

7. Pub Ghost

Apsley House in the United Kingdom is said to be a pub haunted by a very nice barman who doesn’t mind making his presence known. This photo was taken during a special event at the pub. Paul Morgan took the photo of his friend Gerry Goodwin using an iPhone, and found this ghostly face in the background after going through the photos of the night. The face is not in any other photos and it doesn’t seem to be a camera malfunction. The face is also not clearly connected to a body which furthers the possibility of it being a ghostly apparition.

6. Real Gnome

There’s not much back story to this photo. Whoever took the photo later noticed this small bearded man in the woods, hidden between trees. While many claim that this is nothing more than a trick of the eyes, and the gnome is just the shadows of trees. There’s a short story that follows the photo of a couple hiking in the woods and being toyed with and lead off path all day. Before finally making their way out. This is also apparently only one photo of an entire set. However, they cannot be found. Legend tells that gnomes do have a love for being tricksters and leading hikers off path. So it’s very likely, for those that believe in the supernatural, that this really is a tiny man hiding out there waiting for his next trick to play out.

5. Peaches Geldof

Peaches Geldof was an English journalist, television presenter and model. In December 2013 she took of photo of herself and her infant son, Astala, in the bathtub. In the photo a mysteriously translucent hand of what could be a ghost can be seen just above her shoulder. Peaches posted the terrifying photo Instagram, and believed the hand belongs to the spirit of a woman who committed suicide in her home 100 years ago. Peaches found this information out after doing research on her South East English home. The woman apparently had a still born, and was so grief-stricken she went mad and drowned herself in the tub. When uploading the photo Peaches explained that the hand was not hers, because one hand was holding her phone while the other was wrapped around her son. She also claims that she was not afraid of the ghost, as she never felt threatened by it, and she actually slept with her bedroom door open to invite the spirit in. Peaches was later found dead on April 7 2014, at the age of 25, in her home. Her cause of death was from heroin overdose, and was entirely unrelated to the haunting. Or at least we hope so.

4. Pirate House Ghost

The Pirate House Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia has a history of haunting and is known to have been frequented by pirates. Rhonda Swindell sent this photo from her 2011 summer vacation in to angelsghosts.com. Rhonda said that her family had just sat down and ordered drinks when her son made a quick pirate costume. She snapped a photo for memories sake, and later found that over his shoulder in another room there was a black figure. Allegedly this room was off limits and was empty the entire time they had dinner, and that the figure was not in any of the following photos. In an attempt to see more detail the team at angelsghosts.com edited the photo, however, the figure remained entirely blacked out despite other things in the room becoming more detailed and lighter.

3. Family Photo

This photo is actually more than likely some sort of joke. We see a happy family 6 sitting on their couch of a family photo, likely taken by a timer on their camera, because of the camera view in the mirror. However, the important part is the couch. If you look beneath the mother you can see a face, in clear distress, peering out from under her. It’s likely that this is another family member, and everyone planned this to make a funny awkward family photo. However, the fact that there is an entire family sitting on a relative for jokes sake is still really odd. Then there’s the alternative that this is not a joke, which makes the photo even worse. There’s no comment or story behind the photo so it will likely remain unknown if that’s their disowned oldest daughter, or the ghost of a former resident of the home.

2. Peeping Tom

There is not much known about this photo, other than the obvious. We see a few, assumedly drunk, girls in a bath tub together. It doesn’t look like much more than a fun photo of friends after the club. However, if you look closely enough you’ll see they have a visitor. What appears to be a hand and face show up in the window behind them. It could be a friend, and they’re all in on the joke. But the fact that the face looks pure white and lacks any facial details can change that idea quickly. Ghost, peeping tom, or serial killer. Either way these girls should probably invest in some curtains.

1. Bridge View

This photo appears to be nothing more than a group of people getting a view over the Wuhan Bridge in Central China. But if you look closely into the back ground you can actually see a body falling through the air. The dramatic leap is actually one caught accidentally on camera, of two lovers. A photographer from the local Hubei Daily was taking photos to document the horrible fog caused by air pollution. While playing with the settings on his camera, he managed to snap a photo of a man’s body falling through the thick smog. The unnamed reporter didn't have the time to realize what tragic event he had just witnessed before a second body, this time of a woman leaped into the river from the same spot. The photographer commented that he heard the mans body hit the water below, and only seconds later a woman climbed onto the bridge and jumped as well. "I was totally paralyzed - there was no way I could get anywhere near her, I still had my hand on the camera and I tensed and shot off another few frames entirely by accident - but ended up photographing the woman as well" the photographer explained. The police searched the river waters but never found the bodies of the young lovers that had been reported missing a few weeks prior. The only thing they found was an I.D card, two black jackets, a purse, a bottle of drinks, and a light that was all abandoned on the bridge before their jump. After their jump news reports were sent out that claimed the couple missing, however the chances of them surviving the jump are little to none. According to friends and family the two jumped because the woman was pregnant and the man would not be able to afford to take care of them as a family.