I thought of this idea cause I am going to explain what my Best Friend who I have known sincell primary school... we are both crazy and it was kind of awkward at the same time.

Back to the story my best friend and I were on our way home from McDonald's on the 25th of April 2016, we were talking about this video game called undertale that we both play.... so she saw a bunch of seagulls, wraps her arm at the back of my neck and dragged me with her as I fell over as my foot twisted inwards. We both started laughing until I tried to stand up, realising how painful it was I sat back down telling her that " I can't put pressure on my foot". What was more awkward was that an ambulance was across the road from where we were... butt they were dealing with another emergency at the time. So after half an hour I hopped to this near by church down the road from McDonald's and called my mum. I explained to her what happened to which she replied with " well I can't take you to the hospital cause I had a couple of glasses of wine... with my mind thinking that she should have not drunken anything incase something like this would happen, I calmly said okay and we rang my Best Friend's mother instead to drop us off at mine. The injury was a severe nerve and muscle damage which needed physio on. A month later I am off crutches and thinking that next time she causes an injury like this she is paying for it. Haha