This happened on Monday, so this might not be as long as some of my other submissions.
I had a dream, where a canine stood in front of me. I am quite the animal lover, so being me, I decided to reach out and pet it. It's friendly behaviors soon deminished and it nipped at me, and I jerked back in surprise. I had taken a few steps back, when I noticed the canine had a... Smile? A large grin started to grow on its face. It's eyes turned all black and blood poured out from the top of its head, spreading through its body. I peeked up and saw no wound, so I didn't realize where the blood was coming from. When I looked it back in the eyes, it attacked me. I jolted awake and I couldn't fall back asleep.
The next morning, I contacted my friend from school, who happens to know a lot of scary things. I told her about the bloody, smiling dog and she immediately gasped. She quivered.
"YOU SAW SMILE DOG?!" She screamed, a look of horror on her face. I answered "Maybe." She then explained to me that "Smile Dog" was a CreepyPasta character, and she knows some of its legends to be real. I was terrified, and I left and thanked her for the info.
But here's where it gets trippy,
I was preparing for bed that night and just as I was about to lay down, I hear this deep dark growl from outside my bedroom window. I open the blinds and I see that dog, Smile Dog, standing there. He stared at me and sprinted towards my window. I quickly closed the blinds and ducked down, afraid of what might happen. I heard a loud bang, something colliding with glass. When I heard a loud whimper, I peeked up to see that the dog was lying on its side, in front of the window. Blood was smeared on my window, and there was a large crack in the center. The dog turned its head to me, it's creepy smile still there, and it vanished.
I still don't understand why this happened or if it was a prank.