So I'll say it now, I'm a jokester. Sure, I like to pull pranks on people, but I never imagined a joke would end out like this...
My friends, who I call my cousins, had happened to come over to my house one weekend, and I was happy to know that they are very gullible. Whenever that came over, we set up a tent in our living room for a mini "glamping trip". I told them ghost stories, alongside with watching scary movies with popcorn, and a small side of urban legends. But one story beat them all.
Bloody Mary.
It was fun and all, until things started acting up.
Let me mention this now, my old appartment was like a mirror mansion. There was one in front of my bed, behind the tv, in the kitchen (the windows were the walls of the kitchen). Pretty much imagine a house of mirrors.
So as I was telling them the story of Bloody Mary, we heard a loud shatter, glass breaking. We rushed to the kitchen to find that my Mom's glass table was shattered, glass spread out on the floor. It was really scary, espixially when we started hearing noises. We didn't think much of it, thinking it was the neighbor's college party next door. I continued to tell them the story, when we started hearing screaming from our neighbor's apartment. We freaked out and called our parents, and they said it was probably nothing, since they were out at a party themselves. After that, I decided to call it a night. All of my cousins were gathering to our rooms, ready for bed.
Now, this may get silly, but most of my cousins (close friends) are WAY younger than I am, around 3-4 years old. So I had to have them all go to the bathroom before bed.
My bathroom had the most mirrors in that entire apartment, I had about 6-7. I heard my cousin, Nevayah, scream from the bathroom. I had to bust th door open, and I asked her what's wrong. Her eyes were really wide, and she silently pointed at the mirror, her finger trembling. I looked to see a small red light, like a laser pointer, on the center of the mirror. The dot started to grow bigger and bigger until it consumed the mirror in red light. We both were terrified, so we sprinted out the door with the rest of my cousins and hid out an one of my friend's apartments.
I still don't understand why there was a red light or what it meant, but all I knew was that I had to get out while I could.