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Thread: Grandma Comes Back to Visit

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    Grandma Comes Back to Visit

    So I wasn't really here, this was before I was born. This is all from my Mom's account.
    Back around 1980-85, my Mom was about 10-15 years old. She had recently heard news that her grandmother died, but she never knew her, knew what she looked like, met her, etc. She didn't have time to go to the funeral, since it was on a school day. My Mom returned home and she felt some kind of strange presence in the house. She decided to shrug it off, since she didn't think anything was unusual at the time. So that night, as she was going to bed, that weird feeling came back. My Mom didn't think of it much and just turned on the cruddy radio next to her bed. Around midnight, she was already asleep, and the radio was off. She said she heard a noise and flipped over on her bed to see a glowing figure next to her, sitting on the end of her bed. My Mom said she was honestly shocked, but she was happy to have company- from whoever this stranger was. The figure later explained that she was her grandmother, and that my Mom had heard of her death, and that she was happy to finally meet her granddaughter. The two ended up having a decent conversation. As trippy as this sounds, my Mom woke up the next morning and remembered everything. She then ran to her parents room, explaining what had happened. Her parents (my grandparents) were so confused, because my Mom had managed to describe her grandmothers exact look, detail, and clothes when she died. The weirdest part for me and my grandparents was the fact that my Mom hadn't even known she had a grandma until she died.

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