So, Today my dad asked me if I wanted something to eat
I replied with a yes and he asked what I wanted, I thought for a moment and got some water since my throat was hurting like hell, and said that I wanted Taco Time, not Taco Bell, and as he was getting ready with his girlfriend my dog, who was outside barked, we thought it was unusual but let him in and they left, me, staying home alone, decided to animate on my iPad and soon not five minutes after I hear knocking at the back door, my dad told me never to answer the door since he had keys so I stayed upstairs in my bedroom, soon the knocking started again but this time was louder, I tried calling my dad but he never answered most likely because he was driving. The knocking went on for a good ten minutes and I looked through the window to see no one there, freaked out I went back upstairs with Chucky, and the knocking started again just when I sat down, I get up again and yell "Who the hell is it?" ...No answer
I sat down on the couch watching the door when suddenly an ornament from my Christmas tree (keep in mind we never took it down yet even though it's March) flies off the tree and hits me on the back of the head, side note the ornament was a giant box like thing with three frogs on it and when you push a button the frogs 'Ribbit' to the tune of Jinglebells, so I'm on the ground, knocked out and all I remember is waking up on the couch with my dad giving me water and my burrito that I wanted, he asked what happened and I told him the story, a while ago he stopped believing in the paranormal and said it was probably something else and I glare at him and repeated that the ornament flew at me and hit me in the head, I felt the spot that hurt the most and looked at my hand, no blood, "Thank god" I thought
I'm perfectly fine and wasn't too injured but still wanted to know, what or who was at the back door and what made the ornament fly across the room.
I guess I'll never know