One night when I was about 13 my parents went out and left me at home to babysit my little sister who was around 8 at the time. My sister and I have always got along great so I made us some popcorn and we watched movies so I could keep her entertained. My room was made to be a bonus room so it was huge and I set her up a place to sleep on my floor cause she didn't want to sleep in her room alone. After a while she fell asleep and I was still awake surfing the web and waiting for my parents to get home. As I was sitting in my bed I heard what sounded like very faint tapping on glass. I dismissed it as the wind rattling my blinds around since my window was open and fell asleep pretty shortly thereafter. Fast forward to the next day and I come home from school and my yard was blocked off with crime scene tape like a scene from CSI. I asked my dad who was driving what happened and he said "don't tell your sister but last night one of the neighbors houses was broken in to". Our house was on the corner of 3 different roads so only 1 side of the house wasn't facing a street and the yard wraps all the way around. Turns out the guy who lived across the street from my back door was a drug kingpin and had $800 grand in his house. A group of people broke in to his house with samurai swords and cut him up while stealing all his money. As he tried to escape the man ran across the street to my back yard and the faint tapping was him knocking on my glass back door and Windows hoping someone would help him. The next day when I went in to my kitchen there was blood covering my entire back windows and in the center of my door was a full handprint in blood and blood sprayed all over the glass and patio from the man being slashed with a sword. Pretty scary to thing that if I would have gone downstairs to check it out I would have been a 13 year old kid in the middle of all this.