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    neibors basement

    Well this started when I was about 11 and my mom and the neighbor buy a six pack every Tuesday so we called it Trini Tuesdays because our neighbor's name was trini. His grand kids lived with trini so I would be with them pretty much 24/7. So every Trini Tuesday we would wait until around 11:00 or 23:00 ,and by then our parents were pretty tuned so we would walk to our school it was about a block away, so we didn't think really anything of it and walk around our school we would dig in the trash bin to find pens and cool things like that.As we did this every Tuesday we would walk by this one house that was being rebuilt because somehow it blew up and killed everyone inside and we would mess with the work site at night and continue on our way.Once the house was Built they were trying to find a buyer for the tuesday as we were walking to our school we heard a noise coming from the drive way you see we didnt have alot of light because this house was in the middle of the street and their were only lights on certain street corners so it was really dark. we all stoped in our tracks wondering what it was .Trinity was the oldest of the 4 including me,and she said ok let's go home but Trinity didnt have a lot of authority so we just kept going as we did the noise kept getting louder so we stopped and we went back to the house and luis dared earnest to go to the backyard to see what a glow was me and trinity couldn't see what he was talking earnest went to the back yard and he walked out of our site. we stood there it seemed to be for around 30 to 45 minutes and i started to talk to luis about going back there and he didn't want to he just wanted to we did.after a while i grabbed luises hand and "dragged" him to the backyard honestly i was terrified but i was woried about earnest so we did and i saw the glow he was talking about along the side of the house and once we got back there there was no glow so we looked for earnest and he wasent back there so we looked for and opening in the house and found a broken window leading in to the basement and we went in he was standing there clothes ripped standing silent looking up and then we heard a noise so he looked at us and said with a weird grin did you hear that with a demonic vioce.........
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