I am a 19 year old girl with a gender fluid build as I am very athletic. Over the years in highschool I was bullied for looking, acting and dressing like a boy. I had taken to listening to my music all the time to not have to listen to my bully's call me profound names and trip my horrible rage fits as I have severe anger issues coupled with a few other things, anyway this particular day over heard some of the boys in my class talking about me before I put my headphone in to ignore them. Something told me to listen to these guys so I did. I paused my music and put my headphone in as per normal, they were talking about following me home that day to find out where I lived, this in and of its self made me angry and scared for our safety as at the time my younger brother sled out on the couch. So this night I was asleep in my bed as was the rest of my family in their beds. I awoke to the feeling of being watched as at the time I was ridden with paranoia and I slept next to my window. I rolled over and faced my bedroom door with was closed as usual, but moments later a loud crash sounded through our house.

Now this not only scared my, but it woke up my whole family as we live in a two bed room flat. The boys had thrown a large stone at our back door which is double pane glass (thank goodness as this saved my brother from any damage as the couch sat right up on the door.) Any way I got up and hurried to my now crying brother. I calmed him down grabbed my baseball bat and ran outside yelling and screaming. Now this probably came as no surprise to the boys. As everyone at school called me crazy and psychopath. Because of my past in middle school when I snapped and had been three kids sending them to the hospital all in the spand of a month. I was raised in Detroit and had, had worse things done to me, I now live in Florida. (At the time of this story) anyway these happenings had stopped for a while. Although I still felt I was being watched.

About two weeks go by and I catch these boys talking again, now they've figured out that on certain nights my mom would come home late and has the habit of not locking the door, and they planned to come in and try to beat me and my brother. So that night I took my brother and his him in my bedroom with a bb gun him only being 9 at the time was totally for the idea of revenge for them scaring him. My parents were sleeping peacefully in their room, and I stood at the back of our hallway with fake blood poured all over me and my grandfather's ww2 machete in my hand this machete was duller than a pics of wet paper but of course these boys didn't know this. I heard our door creek open and grinned wildly as I had a very dim light in the hallway from the light over the stove in our kitchen. I began to laugh maniacally and run down the hallway as soon as they came in to sight, now having the added bonus off being able yo speak German I scared the ever living **** out of them and as they fled from my house my little brother got to shoot at them with his bb gun. And this to say the least was the single most satisfying thing I have ever done. The next day I got a couple of cops for the police station next to my house to come in to the school with me and arrest the boys with armed robbery since one of them had been holding a knife and dropped it in my house on his hurry to get the **** out of my house. After that no one dared to say anything rude to me again for the rest of my highschool career.