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    This happened a few months ago to me and my friends Zack, Brady, Caden, and Caden's mom. Caden's mom likes to take us to creepy places whenever we all go over there, its usually really cool, but there's one night that scared the hell out of all of us. We had just left Crybaby Bridge, and Caden's mom took us to this really creepy abandoned house, she said that her and Caden had been there once before. She said the house was completely destroyed but the bathroom looked brand new. They said they walked around it for a little bit but they then heard someone sprinting at them and got out of there. So we decided to go there, at about 11 o clock at night. We looked around for a little bit and then, but we decided not to get out for obvious reasons. So we left, and about a good mile down the road, I look behind us and I see a car probably like a half a mile behind us, going at least 80 miles an hour, and had his brights on. We all just thought it was a coincidence at first, but about 30 seconds later, this guy was right on our rear bumper. Now we're all scared shitless. This guy still had his brights on and was honking his horn constantly, no lights at all were on in his car either. So Caden's mom starts going faster, like way faster, and this dude still managed to keep up with us, still honking his horn. We turned on a road about 3 miles away and then this guy just goes down the opposite road and turns his brights off. I have no idea what he was doing or why, but I'm glad we got out of whatever he was defending.

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