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Thread: Laundry Room and bedrooms

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    Laundry Room and bedrooms

    I was home alone, completely alone, my grandparents had taken the dogs out with them to my aunt's house. I didn't go because I was sick at the time and didn't want to get my aunt, uncle or cousins sick. I was walking into the laundry room and I heard a dog growl. I figured my dogs were acting up and growling at something, but I remembered quickly that the dogs were at my aunt's house. I ran out of that laundry room, packed some things for the night, wrote a quick note and taped it to the door and then walked to my dad's house. Even though I was 10 at the time, that laundry room still creeps me out.
    About three days later:
    Once again, the dogs and my grandparents where at my aunt's house. But this time it was during the day. Something in my grandparent's room was thrown to the ground, I quickly grabbed my phone, and knowing how to sneak really well, I made my way to the room, my phone having '911' ready to call. But nothing was in there. I went back to my computer.
    One month later:
    I was sitting on my bed, about 3:30 AM. Everybody but me was asleep, and I saw a girl outside my window. I grabbed my phone, but she appeared inside my room, and stared at me. There was a loud ringing in my ears, and she was there for a second, and when she dissapeared, the ringing went away. Since then, I've always beleived in the paranormal.

    (Submitter's note: If anything is missing, just contact me~)

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    I'm new, dunno how to work this place XD
    I would like some help with that though!

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    If you're trying to submit a story, you got to go to the top of the thread you want to post on and click the "Post New Thread" button.

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