I was in a Skype call with 2 friends of mine, I had recently got my first computer and didn't have any important information on it. So I had decided to download the tor browser and search the deep web, encouraged by my friends of course. I opened up tor after it finished downloading and messed with my privacy settings a little. I was also still in the skype call screen sharing what I saw. I had read on my phone that it was a horrible idea soon after I finished with my privacy settings and left and closed Skype. I searched for about 2 and a half hours, taking pics of what I saw on my phone and showing some stuff to my brother and his friend. I mostly ran into hitman pages, gun sites, child porn, drugs, and rent a hacker. I felt like I have well over stayed my welcome but didn't wanna quit searching as I have been very interested in the deep web for a long time and couldn't believe what I was seeing. I saw a video of this man in his bathroom, I was curious and decided to watch it. But I had to turn off my privacy settings. I won't go into detail about the video but after watching I had decided to get off and go to bed. I turned off my computer and went to school the next day. It was a Tuesday so I had a day off of lifting for football or going to the boxing gym. The first thing I did was get on my computer to look at some more stuff on the deep web. No one is home all day and my door is always closed, but when I opened my door my computer was turned on. I always remember to turn it off but I figured I forgot and continued to log on. I plugged in my mouse (we have laptops for my school and I use my wireless mouse for my cumputer) and I went to sign in. But before I even turned on my mouse I saw one on the screen, I'm a computer noob so I kinda figured it was just mine. I turned on my mouse and connected it, but it wouldn't work. The mouse wouldnt move. I got scared and kinda messed around for a few unplugging it and plugging it back in but after awhile it came back. When I opened up to my desktop my steam account, Skype, spotify, and tor browser were all open. I turned my computer off and became really scared. I turned it back on and it does everything it usually does when I open up to my desktop. Updates steam, opens up a torrent program that was already on the computer, and opens Skype. It couldn't have done this automatically earlier because my steam closes after updating, the tor browser also didn't auto launch. I removed the tor browser and checked all the files on my computer, I think when I watched the video, someone had fetched my info and was possibly going through my computer. I dont know if it's possible, but it was scary as it has not happened since.