It was my freshmen year of high school and I lived 2 and a half miles from my school. It starts at 7:30. It was winter and my parents usually worked through the night, so they usually didn't take me; so I rode the public bus that stops just by my school. A few stops after I get on, two people get on - an old man who stenched of cigarettes and weed and a middle aged one who seemed to be middle-class on his way to work without a car; hence he was on the bus. It is about 6:50 in the morning. They sit right behind me and start to chat. The smell is so overpowering and I try to ignore it, but eventually look at the old man who starts bothering a fellow classmate I know from a class, who seems uncomfortable. Some time passes, I'm engaged in an app in my phone. Then all of the sudden he starts yelling "Boy!" over and over again, as if he saw my glance, trying to get my attention. I press my face into my phone, however, trying to ignore him. About two stops from my school, my classmate was obviously creeped out by him and gets off and decides to walk the last two to three blocks. I look over again - and the middle aged man who has been quiet was staring straight into my eyes. I'm only a freshman, and I was very protected as a child, so I am very uneasy. I got off at my stop and in the window, they are both staring at me as the bus moves on. It was one of the most creepiest encounters on a bus for me - and got me thinking of what they wanted to do to me, even if I was on a bus in a very safe city, where they could do nothing without being heavily noticed and prosecuted.