Hello To All Our Lovely Viewers

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So I promised the big boss man that I'd post some blogs here as ways of interacting with our viewers!

I'm Shel and I'm one of the main writers for Top15s. Fun fact you can read who wrote and edited which videos in the descriptions
Either way I'm going to try to stay updated on here cause I love hearing our fans feedback on ideas and things we may be doing wrong.

Basically Top15s has some pretty neat projects coming up that we're all really excited about! We hope that you're all just as excited as us! I'll give a hint that the creepy stuff y'all love is going to be on it's way! But in a more unique platform!
Furthermore, I'm going in a step to create my own channel, but that's another story for another day.

So yeaaaaah, I'll try to stay on here as much as possible and read through some of the threads yall are posting and commentary yall are giving!

If you have any questions don't be afraid to shoot them my way! I will probably be starting a FAQ page or blog here for you nosey demons.

Hope everyone has a spoopy day


  1. vishesh matta's Avatar
    i have a story based on a personal experience
    how to contact the admin?